Manitou 78XE

The 78 XE and 81 XE are compact electric scissor lifts that allow you to reach working heights of 7.80 m and 8.10 m. Their safe working loads are 230 kg and 340 kg respectively.

Their narrow width means restricted work areas are no longer a problem.

78 XE and 81 XE are perfect machines for doing jobs like maintenance, stock-taking in complete safety. These platforms will help you to increase your productivity.

Teknisk informasjon

Plattformhøyde: 5,75 m
Arbeidshøyde: 7,75 m
Løftekapasitet: 110 kg - 1 person / 230 kg - 2 personer
Vekt: 1380 kg
Bredde mm: 0,81 m
Lengde: 1,89 m
Høyde: 2,11 m